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17-ыеар олд, вестерн германы, мале,____
Борусся Дортмунд ♥
Aug 31 '14
Dennoch zierte sich der Dortmunder Publikumsliebling, seinen “Jugendtraum Premier League” aufzugeben. Als erstes Zeichen für eine Rückkehr wurde allerdings gewertet, dass Kagawa bereits im Frühjahr ein Haus am Phoenixsee erwarb, der Alster von Dortmund, wo auch die BVB-Profis Reus, Hummels und Weidenfeller wohnen.

Freddie Röckenhaus in der SZ

Shinji hat sich im Frühjahr ein Haus in Dortmund gekauft??? Wusste man das? Warum sind damals nicht schon alle durchgedreht?

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Nö, wusste man nicht :D

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Mar 27 '14

Acropolis, Athens (by DarkB4Dawn)


Acropolis, Athens (by DarkB4Dawn)

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Dec 31 '13
Punsch, Punsch, Punsch. Das ist Punsch, du dusselige Kuh!
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Oct 17 '13

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Aug 31 '13

Das Schöne ist: genauso schnell wie KPB seine Meinung über den BVB ändern konnte, konnte ich auch meine Meinung über KPB ändern.

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Aug 3 '13

Štrbské Pleso. Slovakia (by Maciej Freudenheim)


Štrbské Pleso. Slovakia (by Maciej Freudenheim)

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Jul 11 '13

Was haben wir doch für eine geile Mannschaft!

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Jun 20 '13

HOW TO …exctract images from sites like instagram, Yahoo HQ Images, …, (sites in which images are hidden or that try to prevent showing them alone)

On some sites it isn’t possible to just right-click images and select ‘copy URL’ for displayig an image presented on this page. But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get this images, it’s just a way more complicated. And there is also no need of screencaping them in order to get them - often the images shown are smaller rendered versions of the original images.

The key to get this images are the source codes of the page in which they are embeded. The original URLs of these images are covered in them - so you can always get them, even if you can’t get them by simply right-clicking the image. How that exactly works I’ll try to show in the following

As I mentioned above, the key to get the image-URL (and so the image itselve) is the source code.
Most browser may show the source code if you right click somewhere in the page and select ‘source code’ (Firefox/Chrome: ‘View page source’).
Now the source code will show up. The problem is now: The image-URL we’re searching for is hidden somewhere in these rows of letters and number - we wont find them as long as we aren’t web developers or something like that :)

Fortunately most browser have a feature included that will do this work for us: the ‘Inspect element’-tool.
At first: IMO the best ‘Inspect element’ tool included has Opera - so I recommend using Opera. Nevertheless, it’s also possible to do what I’ll explain in the following with Firefox and Chrome, but it’ll be way more complicated.

In all three browsers (Opera, Firefox, Chrome) you can use the ‘Inspect element’-tool by right clicking somewhere in the page. Then you should select ‘Inspect element’.

Now a new window will appear, in it the source code will be shown again, but now we don’t have to search ourselves for the image-URL. We can just click on the image in the browser window and the part of the source code containing the URL of the image will be highlighted. Users of Firefox may at first, before clicking the image, activate the feature ‘Select element with mouse’ (upper left corner of the grey bar).

^^The image we want to extract (background), the important part of the source code (highlighted in blue in the foreground)

From here it should be easy for you to do the final step - copy the URL out (it’s usually set in quotes) and display the original image!

The problem now for Chrome users is this: That last two steps will only work if you’re using Opera or Firefox - at Chrome simply clicking on the image to show the part of the source code containing the URL isn’t possible. Users of Chrome may try to use a detour in order to get the image-URL. The ‘Inspect element’-tool has a feature called ‘resources’ included. If you click on it, all ‘resources’ of the page will appear - one of these ‘resources’ is the image. Now you’ll have to manually search through them in order to find the image. Ussualy they can be found under ‘frames’, but that can’t be said generally.

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Jun 15 '13

National Congress of Brazil, Brasilia, 1957-64
(Oscar Niemeyer, 1907-2012)


National Congress of Brazil, Brasilia, 1957-64

(Oscar Niemeyer, 1907-2012)

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Jun 15 '13

Recently appeared pics in better resolution :D

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17-ыеар олд, вестерн германы, мале,____
Борусся Дортмунд ♥